Welcome to the Historical Circuit/ milestone 21

12 de Octubre & J. M. de Rosas Avenues

It was designed by the architect Ernesto Estrada in 1938 together with the Centro Civico, as part of the same urban remodeling project undertaken by National Parks in the period 1934-1944. This important avenue, with high landscape value in the tourist road to Llao Llao, connects with Bustillo Av and runs for about 2 km, from Plaza Perito Moreno up to the Monolith tribute to San Martín. The two streets are divided by a tree-lined pathway with a stone wall. It allows interesting panoramic views towards the lake and the mountains. Some emblematic buildings of the picturesque architecture were built in stone and wood on the south sidewalk: National Park Transportations, 266 School, Cathedral, Centro Civico.